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Baby powder is one of the most versatile things that you can ever find in the market. Not only are they good for the babies, they have other amazing uses as well. Did you know it can remove grease stains? Here are some uses of baby powder that you didn’t know about !

 Use baby powder as dry shampoo : Dry shampoo is an easy way to get rid of greasy hair in a jiffy. But the ones available in the market contain a lot of chemicals. You can substitute it with a mix of baby powder and baking soda, brush off the excess powder. It’ll soak the grease instantly.

Get rid of smelly shoes : Baby powder is a great foot deodorizer. It will keep your feet nice and dry, preventing any sweat odour.

Making waxing less painful : Apply baby powder over the area to be waxed. It’ll soak any oil on the skin making it nice and dry. As a result, the strips will hold on to the hair better, making it less painful and more effective.

Remove grease stain : Remove pesky grease stains easily. Dab the spot with a wet cloth and coat it with baby powder. The powder will soak the grease right out and you rinse it off with detergent afterwards.

Untangle jewelry : Use powder to lubricate tangled jewellery and simply untangle it with a pin.

Rubber gloves : Rubber gloves stick to the skin while wearing them, applying powder to your skin beforehand makes the job easier.


Baby powder is not just for babies, here are unexpected uses of the magical powder!
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