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Becoming a father is quite easy, isn’t it? You don’t need to do anything in particular. Sex and a little bit of luck are enough to get a woman pregnant and become a parent. But, being a dad is a whole different story. Being a dad is far more than getting a woman pregnant. Much more than fathering a child. It is about the type of person you are, the way you view yourself and the world around you. The way these views are reflected in how you treat your child.

 Being a dad is about being present. It is about being there for your family, and not just when something needs paying for. It is about comforting your child when they are crying.  It is about being understanding, kind, gentle, and compassionate.  It is about understanding that raising your voice does more harm than good.

Being a dad means spending quality time with your children and not being embarrassed to embrace your silly side in order to make your children happy. Being a dad is about taking care of your family, and for both their physical and emotional needs. It is about sticking to your children and not giving up on them when it gets tough. A true dad is someone who is willing to do anything to keep their kids happy, healthy, and safe.

A dad is a person who treats people with patience and respect, regardless of their appearance, career, financial status, or what choices they make about their lives. A dad is a person who is willing to admit when he is wrong. Someone who accepts their flaws and understands that they can`t judge others for the same reason. A dad is someone who keeps an open mind about all things!

A dad is someone who does their best to be a great role model for their kids. Someone who knows that their behavior affects the way their children feel, think, and act.  A true dad is a person who sacrifices for their family and does so without any hesitation. Being a dad is someone who puts their children first, always. Someone who knows their kids` likes and dislikes, their hobbies, their friends and enemies, and their hopes ad dreams.

Most importantly, being a dad is accepting the fact that you are going to constantly be learning from your children as they learn from you.  Being a dad means becoming a better person every day.

A True Father Is One Who Understands That Family Comes First
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