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Recent studies have discovered that there is a strong link between experiencing constant stress and a variety of physical disorders, such as but not limited to nausea, high blood pressure, anxiety, strokes, depression, vomiting, heart attack, weak immune systems and the further development of many other serious illnesses. Life in the world today can be stressful, we understand, but stress isn’t something we are defenseless against.

 There are many beneficial and useful techniques used to relieve, reduce and release stress, and the more you can find and integrate into your daily life, the healthier you’ll be able to become. People today successfully use Yoga, relaxation meditations, listening to peaceful music, physical exercise, massage, therapy, and listening to peaceful music to balance stress in their daily lives.

Another potentially wonderful way to relieve stress has been a practice in Japan for centuries and is known as Shiatsu; a form of therapy using the same principles as acupuncture, in which pressure is applied to certain points of the hand to relieve stress and open the body.

According to this technique, each finger is connected to specific emotions and feelings, and by applying pressure or massaging them, we can relieve stress and the associated health conditions.

  • The Thumb can help you deal with anxiety and worry.
  • The Index Finger is believed to help you overcome fears.
  • The Middle Finger helps control the feelings of anger and bitterness.
  • The Ring Finger helps to treat sadness, depression and melancholy.
  • The Little Finger supports optimism, boosts self-esteem and helps manage overall stress.

How To Use This Technique : There are two main ways :

  1. Hold each finger applying gentle pressure until you feel your pulse, and then move on to the next one. After going through all five fingers, apply gentle pressure on the center of your palm with the thumb of your opposite hand; for 30 seconds up to 1 minute. This method helps to relieve stress and to relieve the associated feelings, giving you a deep state of relaxation.
  2. If you are working through a certain feeling, choose the associated finger and massage it thoroughly for 1 minute, focusing on the muscles of the finger, and also on the tender areas between the joints. Then hold the entire finger applying a gentle pressure for 1 more minute.

After you’ve completed this exercise, notice your emotional state. You may notice a bit of relief, your mind may have brought its attention to your body, and you may experience a sense of calm. Please enjoy using this technique to brighten your day, may love and stress relief be with you.

A Simple and Effective Japanese Method to Reduce Your Stress in Minutes ! 
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