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A New York dad has refused to let his 21-year-old son come home after the Springfield College student traveled to South Padre Island, Texas for spring break. He feared that the number of his classmates with the boy had gone on vacation booked without knowing it had contracted Covid-19 in the weeks when the coronavirus was starting to rage in the United States.

 51-year-old father Peter Levine had asked his son if it was possible to get home sooner after spring break given what was happening across the country. As Peter told the New York Post, “I spoke to him every day and told him that maybe they should go home. I was very worried. The news was getting worse. Matt. sent me pictures of him and his friends meeting outside and listening to live music. "

Peter then had a rather ... extreme idea. The man remembers telling his son that once the young man and his friends returned from South Padre Island, there was "no way" that he would come and pick them up from the airport and return to Nanuet by taking a rental car service.

Finally, also to preserve the health of young Matt's grandparents who lived in their own home, Peter decided to "block" his son and forbid him to set foot in the house for fear of possible contagion. Matt and his other friends were eventually forced to rest from their long journey back to their Massachusetts college apartments.

Now the college lease will expire in June 2020 for young men, so it looks like Peter Levine, along with the other parents, isn't really holding back the intention of letting their kids set foot in their home for a while!


Coronavirus-panicked dad locks son out of house after spring break trip
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