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PITTSBURGH, PA – In a new study out of the University of Pittsburgh, researchers discovered that a kiss from mom or dad on a scrape or cut is just as effective as homeopathy for treating pain.

 “We looked at 248 children who had minor bumps and scrapes on their arms and legs,” explained Dr. Francis Campbell. “We found that that children who received a kiss from a parent on the area of the injury experienced faster and more significant pain relief than children who received no kiss and instead were given homeopathy.”

The study is a breakthrough for parents and a bit of a slap in the face to homeopathy, whose practitioners claim can cure anything. “What kind of homeopathy were the children given? How long after getting the homeopathy were the children assessed? These are all questions that need to be answered. Often times the benefits of homeopathy are not evident until around the same time that the injury or illness would have naturally resolved on its own,” said Dana Ullman, homeopath.

Ullman, who is famous for misinterpreting studies on medicine and homoepathy, believes this new study shows that parents should use homeopathy for their kids. “There were no adverse reactions in the homeopathy group in this study. That can’t be said for conventional pain treatments,” explained Ullman. The study will be published in next months issue of The Journal of American Parenting.

Mom’s kiss more effective than homeopathy in treating children’s pain
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