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Grandparents – grandchildren is a bond like no other. Grandparents provide in abundance what the children need the most. They give them unconditional love, patience, kindness, humor and of course cookies and funny stories.

 Unfortunately, as a fact of life, they must say goodbye to this world. But, they never die, they stay forever in our hearts. With years, we miss them even more, and we would do everything to hear their stories again, to look at those eyes and feel their love.

Grandparents, who have an active role in raising their grandchildren, leave a significant trace in their lives. Along the unconditional love, they provide invaluable support that is significantly different from that of their parents.

Due to this deep and intimate bond, the loss of grandparents can be a shocking moment in the life of the child.

The First Experience Dealing With Loss of a Grandparent

When facing a loss of a grandparent during the early childhood, when children can’t fully understand nor explain what happened, it could be less painful for them. But, when they have reached adulthood, facing such a loss can be a really stressful and emotional moment.

The Psych pedagogues claim that what adults must do is explain the real truth to their children. However, they must know how to adapt the news according to their age.

What they definitely shouldn’t do is prevent the children from seeing their grandparents in the hospital or explaining that they are now stars in the sky.

  • Parents must explain the death in a simple manner and without metaphors so that misconceptions don’t occur. If the children are told that the grandparents have left, they would definitely ask when they will return.
  • If explained from a religious perspective, it is important to point out the fact that those who have died won’t come back again. Also, brief and simple explanations are required because the young mind can only understand a limited amount of information.
  • Adults should not hide their tears and emotions in front of their children. Children must know that death is not taboo. In this way, they will get a better understanding of this loss.
  • It is normal that children would ask many questions that require precise and intelligent answers. Such a loss can be a very complex matter for the whole family and parents should be very careful to the questions that the children might ask.

Even if they are not, they are still present…

  • Although not present in the mobile memory, they are in the family frame. They are present in the family free or in the dress that the grandmother has sewed it.
  • Also, they are present in the smell of the cakes, in the stories and the overall emotional memory.
  • They will never die, they are present in our feelings in a very deep and emotional mode. They taught us how to enjoy every afternoon spent in the park, every book, and special smell.
  • It is the hug, the pleasant smile and the eyes filled with tenderness that will last forever.

Source Fully Aware Mind | Improve Your Health Right Now | Daily Mail

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