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Using some clippers and a little bit of patience, an Indianapolis principal solved a problem by giving his middle school student a haircut when the boy wasn’t feeling confident in his appearance. It’s earned him praise online. Jason Smith is the principal of Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle School in Warren Township, Indiana. An eighth grade student ended up in his office after refusing to take his hat off at school.

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we have often heard of stories about a match made in heaven. Now, things went off track at a wedding where the groom fled from the venue. What happened next will blow your mind. The bride took the vows with one of the guests present at the ceremony. The incident took place at a village in Tarikere taluk, Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka.

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With nearly 30 books on the subject of psychology and personal development to his credit, and over a hundred articles published in various Russian or international newspapers or magazines, Dr. Mikhail Litvak is undoubtedly one of some of the best known and most famous psychiatrists in the world. Today, it delivers 5 rules to follow if you want to change your life.

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