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With nearly 30 books on the subject of psychology and personal development to his credit, and over a hundred articles published in various Russian or international newspapers or magazines, Dr. Mikhail Litvak is undoubtedly one of some of the best known and most famous psychiatrists in the world. Today, it delivers 5 rules to follow if you want to change your life.

images/2020/rules-change-life.jpg1. Happiness results from a well organized life: Eh yes. Happiness is certainly not a science, but it is still easier to provoke it and attract it to us if we lead a relatively well organized life. According to Mikhail Litvak, it is important to take care and be energetic and motivated to experience these sensations of well-being and serenity as desired. "These sensations will not appear alone overnight ... they must deserve! "Says the Russian psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

2. Remember that your loved ones have the right to express opinions different from yours: We tend to forget this, but the people who share our life are not obliged to share the same convictions as we ... "This is also the case for us," says Dr. Mikhail Litvak. And to add "we do not have to agree on everything with our loved ones. And luckily by the way! The fact that we can share our differences of opinion is a wealth that we are supposed to cherish and cultivate. People are too often afraid of the unknown, which is what leads them to want to convince their loved ones at all costs that they are the ones who are right about everything! " Learn to listen and listen to others, you will be more fulfilled, because your loved ones will try to listen to you and understand you ...

3. Learn to live for yourself and not for others: "Your happiness does not depend on that of others". You must have heard this phrase a hundred times in your life, and yet it is true. Happiness is something unique to you and it is only supposed to depend on you, and not on others! However, it often happens that our moods depend on those around us and that we feel affected by their problems or moods. Learn to step back if you want to live and stay happy. Live according to your desires and your moods.

4. Learn to gather and be alone when needed: The ability of someone to be alone and to be able to meditate can say a lot about how mature he or she is. A mature person will not be afraid of loneliness and will have no problem being alone with herself, quite the opposite. It will not seek to fill an emotional void by being in the company of someone all the time. Happiness sometimes comes through the fact of imposing moments of loneliness in order to be reconciled with oneself and to learn to love oneself, simply.

5. Be your best friend: If you want to be happy, start by valuing yourself and listening to yourself. Nobody knows you better than you. So why do not you care what you think? Why do not you take the time to listen to yourself and to reassure yourself and value yourself? Do not wait for others to do it for you: do it for yourself, for your well-being!

The World's Best Psychiatrist Reveals 5 Rules That Will Change Your Life Forever
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