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The prototype is already up and running, and though the flying car is meant for over-water operation now, Kitty Hawk hopes to expand its use over time.

 The company states that, “The go-to-market Flyer will have a different design than the prototype Flyer that appears in our April 2017 photos and videos.”

For now, it can hold an altitude of about 15 feet. It is essentially a one-person sized-drone or hover-craft. The Flyer operates in the FAR 103 Ultralight Category of US FAA regulations so it doesn’t require registration or a pilot’s license and may be flown “for recreational purposes.”

There is already a wait list and you must deposit $2,000 grand to join it. The flyer’s price has not yet been disclosed. I’m sure it won’t be cheap, but it looks like our Jetson-like future just got a lot closer.

Images: KittyHawk

There's a flying 'car' that's going to be for sale called the 'OctoCopter'
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