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First of all, even though adults are not encouraged to take a nap in the afternoon, it turns out that napping is extremely beneficial for health. In the same manner, being slow and lounging around is believed to a flaw, but it is far from it.

 Studies have shown that it is an excellent way to stimulate your invention, creativity, and motivation.

Let’s clarify things: we do not encourage you to spend your life lying on the couch, watching TV, and snacking, but we convince you that it would be useful to take several minutes of your time and rest when you need it. This will help you be more refreshed and energetic the following day.

We will explain how laziness in good for you, so next time you need to take a nap of sit for a while, you will enjoy the time, rather than feeling guilty about it!

Initially, laziness is completely normal, as humans evolved for lounging since the body is permanently trying to conserve energy.

During the winter, the human body produces more melatonin, so we are sleepy, while in the summer, the heat prevents excessive activity.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

I Never Knew Being Lazy Could Do This To My Brain! This Changes Everything
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