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We all know how much lemon is good for our health because of the large amounts of vitamin C. This fruit is added to the tea, used for food preparation and treatment of colds. However, these are not the only properties of lemon.

 Cleanses the air of germs : Lemon has not only pleasant aroma, but also bactericidal properties, and it will effectively clean the air in the room by microorganisms.

Forget about high blood pressure : Many people suffer from hypertension, and lemon can be helpful for this ailment. Its scent reduces blood pressure!

Finally, you can relax : Citrus scent calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety and relieves your tension after a busy day. If you do not have lemon essential oil, use a slice of lemon.

Improve concentration and attention : Lemon has another amazing characteristic: if you inhale the aroma every day you will improve concentration, mental activity and memory. Even at work, people make fewer mistakes if they smell of lemon. Japanese scientists found this property of lemon.

Improves mood : The lemon essential oil is a proven cure for depression, so if you have tried all the drugs and did not help you, pay attention to this fruit.

Insects will not bother you : It is unlikely that the ants, flies, mosquitoes and other insects will not stay in the house with the smell of lemon. You will not have to spend money on chemicals. For even better effect, stick cloves in half a lemon.

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