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This type of individuals at first always seem kind, understanding and compassionate. Friendship is easy to start with them, due to the fact that they are very approachable. They actually appear genuine, but after they take their mask off, you will be shocked.

 These people often put wool over your eyes, and show you want you only want to see. With that, they get what they want. These people are not suddenly kind only to you, or because they want to change, it just means that you got something they want. If you know these signs, you can avoid the people that want to take advantage of you.

6 Signs to Reveal People`s True Colors

One-Sided Conversations : This is something that you can quickly notice; you just need to pay more attention. They are usually dominant, and all the discussion revolves around them. Bear in mind that any normal human being would at least try to start a dialogue or would want to sit back for a while and listen what you would like to say, your opinions, thoughts, etc. These people are usually self-focused because they are only trying to get what they want.

After The Talk, You Feel Bad : After the conversation you have with this type of people you shall feel frustration and confusion. That is when you need to pay  attention because that is your gut instincts screaming that something is not right. Manipulative people use communication as a weapon. With good people after you encounter them, you feel motivated, positive and full of life that is not the case with this kind of people. In a way, they suck your positive energy and attitude.

They make demands : They might seem nice, and maybe they shall try to sugar up things just to get what they want. That is one of the many talents that the manipulators have to make demands. That is how they feel superior, and convince themselves that they are the ones in control. With real friendships and relationships, no one has to be in charge or superior. It is simple to win this battle, just choose to do what you want.

Weird Body Language and Eye Contact : This is also one of their weapons they use. With proper body language and eye contact, they try to earn your trust. They usually look confident, and with that, they might appear trustworthy to you. However, bear in mind that manipulator uses their confident look like an advantage. Also, if they force uncomfortable and long eye contact while they are talking that is one sign that they have hidden intentions.

Persuasion is their second name : They are friends with purpose; they have hidden agenda. Manipulators for sure will try to pressure you, cause that is what they do. They try to persuade you to do something that will be only good for them or at least they will bear the fruit.

Try to bring you down with humor : These people have the need as we said before to feel superior. However, they can not directly insult you because they pretend to be something they are not and that is when they use humor to do that. That is one poorly attempt to disguise their evil nature as humor. They will try to do this in front of a big crowd to get attention. If this has already happened to you, there is no need to cry over split milk. You have learned your lesson.

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