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Strong women are caring and efficient at the same time, and they make things look so easy around them. As a matter of fact, they are some of the most enduring caregivers and are capable of performing tasks remarkably.  They are multitasking and never let their problems come in the way, even when dealing with many things at once.  However, they can sometimes feel the strain of being stressed out and dealing with many responsibilities on their own.

 Emotional exhaustion is a state of feeling emotionally drained due to accumulated stress from your work or personal life, or a combination of the two.  It can make you feel worn-out and hopeless, affecting your effect at work as well as your time with family and friends. It can lead to poor performances at work and not living the quality of life you want.  Although strong women are great at what they do, they are still prone to this problem.  Here are six reasons why a strong woman is emotionally exhausted:

You do not seek emotional security, even when you want it sometimes : Many people are unable to deal with their problems, feelings, and fears for a long time, but you have survived them and moved on. Now you don’t seek emotional security, even when you want it, making sure you aren’t betrayed again.

You keep giving, but don’t ask for anything in return : Strong women are some of the most enduring caregivers, as mentioned in the very beginning.  You keep giving, but don’t ask for anything in return.  Although your strength keeps you going, it does take its toll: emotional exhaustion gets to you.

You take the hurt, but you keep the pain inside : Strong women don’t let too much negativity affect them.  You don’t let toxic criticism get to you, do you?  However, people you love can hurt you a lot of times, unintentionally and intentionally. And, as much in control as you are, it is completely normal for your emotions to get affected.

You’re not given care, even when you need it : You keep giving, despite dealing with the chaotic life and responsibilities.  However, when it comes to getting care, you don’t let anyone know that because you feel like you don have anybody at all.  But we all need someone to give us care and affection for time to time, and its absence can lead to exhaustion.

You’re very cautious about sharing your problems with anyone else : Although you have all the wisdom and experience to take care of your own problems, sharing does help reduce stress.  You think that sharing problems will burden them or make others pity you, two things you cannot stand.  As a result, your emotional exhaustion is bound to get to you.

You don’t ask for people’s love : Being a strong person, you can manage to be the fighter, lover, and caregiver for others.  On the other hand, not being given the love you need can lead to accumulation of stress and later, emotional exhaustion.

6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Is Emotionally Exhausted
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