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People have been interpreting dreams for centuries, and the scientific world still continues to discover exciting things regarding this field. Oneirology, the study of dreams, aims to find a link between dreams and brain function. According to psychologists, dreams can tell a lot about our lives and what goes on in our subconsciousness. Psychologists Reveal 10 Things to Never Ignore In Your Dreams :

 Falling : As explained by Ian Wallace, a dream psychologist, falling indicates a feeling of losing control.  The chances are you are dealing with tons of responsibilities and you cannot escape them, which makes you feel stressed. On the other hand, scientists explain this dream with simple physiology: as the body falls into sleep, the nervous system winds down while the heart rate and blood pressure decrease.

Teeth falling out, injuries, and death : As the smile is one of the first things others notice about us, dreaming about our teeth falling out may indicate low self-esteem.  “You show your teeth when you smile and when you bite, so they reflect how self-assured and assertive you feel. Teeth falling out indicate that a situation is causing you to lose confidence,” Ian Wallace says. When it comes to injury and death, these dreams usually signal feeling of anxiety and worry about aging loved ones.  Still, this doesn’t have to be literally.  Dreams about death may indicate that a part of you is dying so that you can be reborn into a better person.

An unfamiliar room or house : Being in an unknown room or house in your dreams may show a need for self-reflection.  It means that certain parts of yourself are locked away and undiscovered. A separate room in the house means a hidden skill or talent you don’t realize. Eddie Traversa, an eminent psychotherapist, explains that we subconsciously assign different rooms in a house to internal processes. For instance, having a dream of yourself in a bathroom means a need to get rid of unnecessary clutter.  Bedrooms, on the other hand, symbolize romantic relationships.

Being late : Michael R. Olsen, a dream expert, says that dreaming about being late can signal the fear of missing out on something important in your life.  This may be a signal for you to slow down and spend more time with the people that are important to you.

Being pregnant : Surprisingly, both women and men can have dreams about being pregnant.  Psychologist David Bedrick says, “Pregnancy symbolizes something new growing inside us.”  In other words, this dream indicates that you are “giving birth” to new creations and ideas into the world.

A car crash or technical difficulties : According to Patricia Garfield, having dream about your phone or other device breaking may indicate a loss of emotional connection. Dreams about car crashes are similar, indicating that you lack support in your life and cannot deal with a given situation on your own.

A natural disaster : Dreaming about a natural disaster or even an apocalypse may indicate that you feel a loss of control about or threatened about something.  Additionally, social media worsen these types of dreams as stories about climate changes and the end of the world and indeed abundant!

Having very few or no clothes on : According to Psychologist Ian Wallace, these types of dreams mean “feeling vulnerable at your new job or in your new relationship and are afraid that others will learn about your weaknesses and disadvantages.” if you aren’t appropriately dressed for the even or situation in your dream, it might mean that you have certain doubts regarding the event.  For instance, if you dream wearing pajamas for a job interview, it may mean that you don’t feel ready for it.

Falling an exam or public performance : Many people have dreams about falling an exam or embarrassing themselves during a public performance.  While these types of dreams occur among school-age kids the most, adults aren’t an exception. These types of dreams indicate stress and worrying about something before you go to sleep. Additionally, this may indicate a sense of responsibility about something which you cannot do for some reason, causing worry and anxiety.

Being chased : Last but not least, dreams about being chased have various meanings. According to Lauri Loewenberg, “People that tend to avoid conflict, who are afraid of ruffling feathers or causing issues will have the recurring dream of being chased.” Other scientists believe that dreams about running away from someone may indicate our survival instinct.  If you have any unresolved issues, this may be your brain`s way of telling you to run and avoid the threat.


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