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Although many of us won’t admit it being told by our loved ones how much we mean to them matters a lot. Hearing  “I love you”, “you are the most important person in my life”, or a “thank you for being by my side” could make us extremely happy. After all, there is nothing more precious in this world than the love and recognition of our family and friends. And, no the need to hear that someone cares for you doesn’t make you weak. It means that you are a sensitive person who has a heart and wants to give and receive love.

 The truth is that there are a lot of ways to show that you love someone and saying it is one of them. Of course, words mean nothing if they don’t correspond to our actions but the verbal expression of the affection someone feels for you is extremely powerful too.

Furthermore, feelings sometimes are hidden deep inside our souls. So, “just knowing” how much the other person loves us is not enough. Remember: a strong, long-lasting relationship could not go without explicit verbal expressions of the emotions the two partners share for each other.

“Well chosen words mixed with measured emotions is the basis of affecting people”. said Jim Rohn

And his words hold a lot of truth. We don’t need to hear all the time what we mean to our loved ones, but it’s necessary that once in a while they say how much they care for us. In fact, a relationship deprived of romantic words will inevitably make the partners full of doubts and fears and could end up tragically.

Another factor that has led to this sad situation is the fact that people prefer communicating on social media instead of seeing each other face to face. It seems that many of us are so busy with other things that they don’t find time to say in person to their loved ones how much they care for them and do it on social media instead. Remember people who love you need to be sure you love them too. So, saying to them in person that you do from time to time is absolutely necessary. Communication is a vital part of every relationship. That’s why expressing our feelings the right way can be the key to a successful long-lasting one. So, never forget to make effective use of language when it comes to love.

Sometimes You Just Need To Hear How Much You Mean To Someone
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