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Many people tend to think critically about their relationship and their partner, wondering if there is someone`s better for them.  Don’t get things wrong, though. At no point, you should consider staying with a manipulator, gaslighter, or abuser. If you feel like you are in danger, go away.  Being single is better than being with an abuser. But, if your partner is a good person, don’t go looking for someone better only because they might be out there somewhere.

 The grass is greener on the other side, they say. But, beware! You don’t know what`s with that grass. You may hop the fence believing that you are going for something better but end up with something far worse.

When you have something good, keep it : It is very easy to think about all the ways your relationship doesn’t work and just give up.  But, if you have something good, hold onto it.  Work hard to improve it.  Don’t let it go because it COULD be better.  Make plans together.  Have open conversations.  Hold onto the relationship you two have built! Everything in life takes work, so do relationships. Sometimes it`s plenty of work! But, they are worth it.  There isn’t a perfect match for you.  Don’t look for ‘the one.’  Look for “the .7” instead and work hard to make up the difference.

When you have something good, keep it safe : When you get carried away by thinking that there is something better out there, you may start to say things carelessly. To stop caring for improvement, development, and making your relationship the best it can be.  Don’t be careless but keep it safe instead. Keep your partner happy and safe and treat them with dignity and respect.  Give them your heart and your full attention.  Make sure you know they are safe for all the years to come.

When you have something good, appreciate it : When you start thinking about life and that you live only once, anything in your life becomes more meaningful.  This applies to relationships, too.  If you are with someone good, appreciate them.  Maybe they aren’t perfect, but they are special.  Each and every moment of our lives is crucial, and this relationship occupies these special moments.

When you have something good, don’t look for something better out there : Let me tell you something …. The universe is chaotic, and you aren’t owed anything!  It is more than wrong to say that there is someone out there for everyone. Some people live their whole lives alone. So, if you have something good, even if it’s not a perfect relationship, don’t go looking for something better. You may end up with something worse, and maybe even nothing at all.

Don’t Mess Up Something Good By Looking For Something Better
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