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Baby powder is one of the most versatile things that you can ever find in the market. Not only are they good for the babies, they have other amazing uses as well. Did you know it can remove grease stains? Here are some uses of baby powder that you didn’t know about !

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Panoramic photos can be breathtaking if done right - a spectacular view stretching beyond the scope of peripheral vision, all in one photo. When left up to phone-wielding amateurs, however, they turn the world into a warped, mutated circus of fear.

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We all know how much lemon is good for our health because of the large amounts of vitamin C. This fruit is added to the tea, used for food preparation and treatment of colds. However, these are not the only properties of lemon.

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There are plenty of us who enjoy sitting in their gardens or balconies during the hot summer days and cool summer nights. But, nothing is perfect, and in this case, it is those pesky bloodsuckers who are out to get us and ruin our relaxation time.

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