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The Otona Maki, literally meaning "adult packaging", is a Japanese therapeutic method designed to correct posture and reduce the rigidity of the body.

 It consists of wrapping the entire human body in a large piece of tissue that emulates the comfortable feeling that babies have in the womb of their mothers.

The principle is simple: the person is wrapped in a sheet so as to hold in the fetal position for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, the body is tilted from one side to another, like the cradle of a baby.

It is therefore this tilting and the position of the curve of the back which would help to relax, to avoid back problems and would also make it possible to put oneself in the skin of the babies, who spend 9 months in this same position being in Total comfort.

Well known for their long working hours, many Japanese develop posture and body rigidity problems. For a long time, massages and stretching were the most popular ways to treat these problems, but it seems that the Otona Maki is better than all these.

Japan’s Latest Form Of ‘Relaxation Therapy’ 
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