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For fear of disappointing you exhaust yourself to take care of others and meet their demands, and sometimes even their whims, and you in all this? Can not you come up with a word?

 For if you have to know how to say YES, you must learn to say: No!

Learning to say no to others is learning to say yes to oneself.

Know how to say no: how to do it concretely?

1. Reconnect to yourself and listen to your desires and needs / be attentive to your feelings and intuition, do not let yourself be guided by either obligation or pressure. Learn what your priorities and limitations are before you 'Accept to render a service that costs you dear.
2. Allow yourself time: Before saying "YES" Do not respond under pressure and think calmly about your answer, especially do not accept for fear of saying no.
3. Stop justifying yourself: you are free! Do not invent an excuse to avoid a situation that annoys you for fear of hurting the other.
4. Be firm and hold fast: If your interlocutor insists, be intransigent, you are convinced of your refusal then defend it!
5. Do not feel guilty and take a step back your no hurts nobody then bother to blame you 'essential is that you agree with yourself.
6. Say no, but with tact and gentleness
7. Say No Positive: Suggest an alternative
8. Do not overuse No: Too many not kill it no.
9. Classify NON-Negotiable and Non-Definitive: This can help you first reassess your needs, limitations and leave a door half open to discussion!

Thus daring to say not without anger, being able to affirm his opinion without violence can save you from exhaustion and allows you to find yourself, to be in agreement with yourself to be better with others.

Learn how to say NO to protect yourself from stress, anxiety and depression!
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