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If you’ve recently had a cold, gained a few pounds or have felt especially fatigued, you might need a healthy and natural detox to get you back on track.

 While many people buy into the special detox creams or teas on the market, there are other, more simple ways to give your body a boost. Nature has provided us with plenty of naturally detoxing foods that can help our bodies fight bloating, constipation and fatigue. Here are five detox foods that naturally cleanse your body:

1. Beets : Beets have the ability to cleanse the blood, restore energy to the body and naturally detox your blood and liver. They’re especially beneficial for detoxing during the winter months, when your body might feel weighed down. Beets can provide you with the immune boost you need, thanks to the many minerals they contain.

2. Bone Broth : Bone broth provides the body with anti-inflammatory benefits, vitamins and minerals and electrolytes. It also supplies the body with amino acids. Bone broth is easy to digest, so it gives your digestive system a break.

3. Berries : Berries are loaded with antioxidants. You can eat them as a snack, sprinkle them on top of your oatmeal or add them to a homemade smoothie.

4. Fennel : Fennel is known for its ability to soothe an irritated digestive system. This sweet and crunch food provides the body with a healthy dose of fiber and Vitamin C to boost the immune system. Fennel also has natural antibacterial properties that work to rid the body of disease and infection.

5. Chia Seeds : Chia seeds are extremely high in fiber. They contain about 5-6 grams of fiber per tablespoon. Snacking on a couple spoonfuls of chia seeds can provide you with half of your daily fiber needs. 

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