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The Hunzas are a tribe of 30,000 people that live in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas.

These people are known for their longevity and they live up to 120 years, what is more astonishing is that even at the age of 60 years their women are known to conceive.

They have the lowest risk of cancer and tumors in the world and they rarely fall ill.

So What’s Their Secret?

These people are known to eat just twice daily.

They have breakfast and dinner only, what’s more they eat completely natural foods that include; Milk; Cheese; Vegetables; Grains & Fruits

These people also take a break from their regular meals once annually and usually for a period of between two and four months.

During this time the Hunzas consume only dried apricot juice. This diet is believed to be the reason behind their longevity by researchers and scientists.

The dried apricot juice is very important to their health and well-being and is responsible for their long life.


They Never Get Sick, They Don’t Know About Cancer and Live up to 120 years, THIS is Their Secret!
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