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When this is all over, I don't want the world to be what it has always been. After the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus is finally over, taking away pain, suffering and many sacrifices, I don't want us to go back to living in the same way we did before. This horrible situation, in the long run, could turn into an opportunity to reflect on ourselves, on the relationship we have with the people around us, on our future.

 I want this moment to bring us all to a real revolution, both within us and outside of us; this is the time to stay at home, together with the people we have always loved, with our beloved family. Out there the situation is getting worse every day, but this indeterminate time of reflection is the right opportunity to progressively adopt a remarkable inner change. Nobody knows the shape and characteristics of the future that the world will have for us when the lethal virus infection is over ; we only know that, without a doubt, nothing will be as before, and the very structure of society, economy, and social relations will have a completely new aspect for everyone.

Precisely because we do not know what will await us, it is essential for all of us, in this difficult time for the population of the whole world, to review our priorities, rediscover those gestures that previously were apparently innocuous or worthless which now instead we value a lot; let's open up more to a tender caress, to a kiss from our parents, to an extra word with our dear grandparents, the most fragile in this enforced quarantine situation.

Let's rediscover ourselves as real human beings, with lost values now rediscovered, with feelings previously dormant, now rekindled again. No, I don't want everything to go back to what it used to be when this ends.

When this emergency ends, I don't want everything to go back to exactly the way it was before
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