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You probably know already that plants are great for getting more oxygen flowing in your house and improving air quality. But did you know that several plants can even help reduce anxiety, panic attacks and depression? In fact, research has established a direct link between oxygen levels and stress. High level of indoor toxins lead to anxiety and stress. Therefore, maintaining clean air free from toxins will improve your mood and help with stress and anxiety.


Laboratory research proved that the aroma of jasmine plant  and jasmine essential oil significantly calmed mice when their cage was filled with it. The scent made them stop all activity and sit quietly in a corner. Brain scans revealed the effect of jasmine fragrance on a chemical called GABA;  it helped relieve anxiety and encourage rest.

Professor Hanns Hatt stated that the evidence published online in the Journal of Biological Chemistry can “be seen as evidence of a scientific basis for aromatherapy”. In fact, scientists came to the conclusion that jasmine increased the GABA effect by more than five times (compared to other fragrances) and proved to be more effective than sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication.


  • Scientific studies find that Jasmine essential oil is very effective for anxiety, sleep, hormones, happiness, and fatigue.
  • It helps alleviate anxiety & nervous tension
  • Encourages more restful quality of sleep
  • Can balance hormones: PMS; mood swings & hot flashes, libido
  • Encourages feelings of happiness
  • Increases alertness & cognitive performance


keep jasmine plant in your room. it reduces anxiety, panic attacks and depression
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