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After Apple announced its latest iPhone series in October, the internet was flooded with memes and jokes. Among these memes, the meme that probably did rounds the most was which talked about selling your kidney to be able to purchase an iPhone.

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A New York dad has refused to let his 21-year-old son come home after the Springfield College student traveled to South Padre Island, Texas for spring break. He feared that the number of his classmates with the boy had gone on vacation booked without knowing it had contracted Covid-19 in the weeks when the coronavirus was starting to rage in the United States.

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We get it: You’re bored at home this weekend and would love to see your friends or family members that live nearby, especially given how stressed you are in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. You’re just one person, visiting a person or a handful of people you’re close to; how much could it hurt? A lot, in fact. Health experts urge you: Out of an abundance of caution, stay home.

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PITTSBURGH, PA – In a new study out of the University of Pittsburgh, researchers discovered that a kiss from mom or dad on a scrape or cut is just as effective as homeopathy for treating pain.

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